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Portable Ground Box  

Dual Breaker Simulator

Safely grounds any testing static off of CT’s or Wires

Utility Products

Battery Lift

Model: BBJR001

Max load: 175 lbs.

Easy lift of utility, car and other types of batteries
Pivoting handle for easy release of battery in small tight areas
Security strap for added holding
Rubber coat inside arms
2 handles sizes (24 inch and 36 inch)
Easy to use with two person operation


CT/High Voltage Grounding Device

Detects battery grounds that exist or are accidental by work being performed at job site. The Portable Ground box can be used to help in trouble shooting and repairing ground problems

Utility Bag 


We Fulfill Immediate Requirements for Local Industry

Utility Bag includes:

6 ft. Fused Jumpers w/ clips
7 ft. Assorted Jumpers (6 pcs)
Assorted Grips (6 pcs)
Current Plugs (2 pcs)
Polarity Current Plugs (2 pcs)
2ft Wire Extractors (2 pcs)
20 ft. Yellow Current Cables
10 A&B Relay Test Set Leads w/ Hanger
3 ft. Specialty Jumpers
Custom logo Bag


Available timers Commission/Troubleshoot Whole Panels And Target Circuits