With relationships that span over 49 years, EEEA is dedicated to its customers and provides superior service to the electronics industry.

Serving The Carolinas
and the SouthEast
We Fulfill Immediate Requirements for Local Industry

SINCE 1974

EEEA, Inc. ("Triple-E-A") opened in 1974 with humble beginnings. The founding members possessed deep, personal drive to provide top quality products for a variety of industries. Commitment to the customer is the underlying secret to the success of EEEA. It all started with a handshake and the question “How can we help you?” EEEA was devoted to providing a solution for every project. This meant evaluating each unique opportunity by scrutinizing the details, developing plans, devoting resources and insuring quality. With strong motivation for excellence, incredible ingenuity, and deep appreciation for customers, the little company grew. So did the surrounding area. EEEA was instrumental in shaping the local area into what it is today. Personal drive, dexterity, and commitment to excellence are still EEEA's most cherished qualities.

For over 49 years EEEA has provided electromechanical assembly and printed circuit board manufacturing to large corporations and small businesses. The mission has been to provide excellence in design, manufacturing, and assembly for every order. Customers are top priority. With an average length of service of 10 years per employee the team of dedicated engineers and technical staff display proven knowledge of the electronics industry. 

The best compliment for any company is repeat business. Recently a valued customer of 35 years contacted EEEA yet again for a new project. The circuit boards EEEA produces are an important part of the product this customer puts their name on, markets, and stands behind. What more can you say?

EEEA provides cost efficient service for the following: 

  • Design engineering using Pads, AutoCAD, and other current design programs
  • Quick-turn prototype production 
  • Single to multi-layer boards
  • Thru-hole, SMT, and flex-circuit production orders
  • Complete electronic & electromechanical assemblies and controls